Product updates

For products where we process your personal data on your behalf, we’re making changes to reflect the General Data Protection Regulation. Simply view the changes to your sub-processors and product annexes for more information.

We'll be adding new information as and when it is available, so don't worry if you don't see an update for your product right now.

Have a question? See our GDPR FAQ sheet (125KB)

Changes to sub-processors

We’re changing one or more sub-processors on these products:
There are currently no changes to sub-processors to show.

Data Processing Annexes Data Processing Annexes: GDPR information specific to your product or service:

Management, Maintenance and Professional Services
Wholesale Services

BT Wholesale Hosted Communications Service (241KB)

BT IP Voice Service (240KB)

BT Locate Services (237KB)

TV Connect (233KB)

Partial Private Circuit Service (234KB)

Managed Order Desk Service (52KB)

BT Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect Service (239KB)

Managed Ethernet Access Service (240KB)

Managed Ethernet Access & Wholesale Mobile Connect Services (54KB)

Wholesale Calls Service (235KB)

BT Wholesale Broadband Connect Service (245KB)

Global Media Network Service (54KB)

BT Wholesale Optical (239KB)

Smart Messaging Essential Service (232KB)

Smart Messaging Tailored Service (232KB)

Ethernet Multi-Service Interconnect Links Service (144KB)

Facility Line Plus Service (53KB)

IP Stream Connect Service (55KB)

Voice - Wholesale Inbound Calls Service (238KB)

Wholesale Ethernet Service (245KB)

Wholesale Fixed Line Text Service (233KB)

Standard Interconnect Agreement Service (241KB)

Voice - Carrier Pre-Selection Service (243KB)

Wholesale IP Exchange Service (237KB)

Wholesale SIP Trunking Service (245KB)

Agilemedia (245KB)

Small Cells (241KB)

BT Satellite Broadband Mobile (Satellite Access) (243KB)

Voice Messaging (243KB)

Equipment Portfolio (57KB)

BT Media IP Nexus Service (240KB)

Global Media Network Occasional Use Services (54KB)

Media Live Service (54KB)

Radio Base Station Backhaul Service (242KB)

TV Outside Broadcast Service (241KB)

Broadband Interlock Facility (248KB)


BT Secure Payment (236KB)

ECatalogue (241KB)

LTE Roam Service (57KB)

Media Workflow Connect (54KB)

Optical Broadband IFA (241KB)

Reach (242KB)

Roam Connect (247KB)

Voice-HCSAvaya (234KB)

Voice Hosted Contact Centre (HCC) (234KB)

Wifi Roam Service (249KB)

High Towers (53KB)

BT Call Mapping Service (230KB)

Media Move Service (54KB)

MVNO MVNA Service (242KB)

MVNO National Roaming Service (242KB)

MVNO MVNx Service (242KB)

MVNO MVNE Service (242KB)

MVNO Hosted Service (242KB)

Intelligent Call Services (54KB)

Wholesale Broadband Complete (236KB)

IT Solutions/Support
Wide Area Networks

BT Managed WAN (236KB)

Coming soon

Customer Relationship Management

Mobility Services


ROI Wholesale

ROI Data Centre

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